Heat Exchange & Electrical

With today's stressful environment the emphasis placed on greater interior comfort cannot be ignored. Equipped with the latest technology and state of the art equipment, APM is poised to be the major manufacturer of quality air-conditioner system and components. Our systems only use R134a refrigerant, a product to be friendly to the environment.

In Electrical Component, advances in micro component technology have enabled engines to be managed with optimal efficiency. This translates to greater fuel efficiency and lower maintenance cost. At APM we work closely with our technical partners to provide Engine Management System (EMS) through the latest sensor and control devices.

APM Thermal

Major process :

  • Die Casting
  • Shot-Blasting
  • CNC Machining
  • Tumbling (Out-source)
  • Anodizing (Out-source)
  • Powder Coating (Out-source)
  • Impregnation (Out-source)
  • Product Range :

  • Automotive
  • LED Lighting
  • Office Furniture
  • Medical Systems
  • Oil & Gas
  • Production Equipment:

  • 350 Ton Toshiba DCM with Hirochiku Mel and Hold Furnace
  • 650 Ton Toshiba DCM with Hirochiku Mel and Hold Furnace
  • CNC Machining Center BT30
  • CNC Machining Center BT40
  • CNC Lathe
  • Growell Shot-Blast Machine
  • Engineering Software :

  • Mastercam
  • SolidWorks
  • Testing and Inspection Equipment:

  • CMM
  • Spectrometer
  • Roughness Tester
  • Contracer
  • X-Ray (2017)
    Climate Major product :

    Starter Motors, Alternators, Wiper Motor
    System, Windshield Washer System,
    Distributors, Electronic Control Unit (ECU),
    Throttle Body, Radiator Fan Motor, Horns,
    Power Window Motors. Alternating Current
    Generator (ACG), Capacitor Discharge
    Igniter (CDI Unit) and Starter Motors for

    Production Capacity :

    Starter Motor 16,000 units per month
    Alternators 16,000 units per month
    Wiper Motor System 10,000 units per
    Windshield Washer System 10,000 units
    per month.

    Major Production & Testing Facilities :

    Alternator Performance Testing Machine
    Wiper Motor Magnetizing Machine
    ECU Performance Testing Machine
    High Voltage Spark Testing Machine
    Robotic Sealant Applicator CrankAngle
    Sencor TestingMachine
    Distributor Performance Testing Machine
    Starter Motor Performance testing Machine
    Windshield Washer Performance Testing Machine.

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    New Air Cond Parts Major product :

    Air-Conditioning System, Condenser and Evaporator, Radiators (Aluminium)

    Bus Air-Conditioners, Truck Refrigeration Systems

    Production Capacity :

    Air Cond.: 25,000 units per month
    Radiator: 15,000 units per month

    Bus Air-Conditioner: 80 units per monnth
    Truck Regrigeration System: 250 Units per month

    Major Production & Testing Facilities :

  • CNC Tube Bending Machine
  • CNC Pipe Bending Machine
  • Semi Auto Core Builder
  • Continous Controlled Atmospheric (Nocolok).
  • Brazing Furnace
  • High Precision Fin Forming Machine
  • Vacuum Chamber Helium Leak Detection System.
  • Auto Brazing Machine
  • Electrostatic Painting Facility
  • A/C Performance Test Bench
  • Pressure Cycle Test Bench
  • CATIA 2D-3D Design (1 seat)
  • Autocad R2002 (4 seats)
  • Vibration Test Machine
  • Pressure-Repeated Cycle Test Machine
  • System Performance Test Machine
  • Vertical Impact Test Machine
  • End of line tester
  • Solid Edge - 3D design
  • Data Logger
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    Audio Major product :

    EV Bus, EV Bus Chassis and Battery pack

    Major Production & Testing Facilities :
  • Hioki BT3554 Battery Tester
  • Battery Charger 20KW 2 Channels 24kVA EV Battery Testing System
  • 110KW Single Channel EV Battery Regenerative Test System
  • Overnight Charging Station with Accessories